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Computer says ouch! Odd moment Moscow's robotic teacher lies face-down on the ground repeating 'help me' after being attacked by a baseball bat in a bizarre road rage assault

Russia's famous robot Alantim has been badly damaged after an aggressive driver attacked the smart machine on a street near the Moscow Technological Institute (MTI).

Video shows Alantim getting hit with a baseball bat by a thug, who eventually kicks the robot down to the ground.

Alantim, who works as a robotics teacher at MTI, is heard saying 'Pomogite', Russian for 'Help me'.

MTI says they are unable to track down the male assailant due to lack of registration number on his vehicle.

Alantim has been studying the interaction between robots and humans since its start at MTI in February 2015.

Earlier this year, MailOnline reported that the robot would also be used to protect British fans from Russian hooligans at the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia.

But after this latest incident it's not sure how much protecting Alantim can really do.

A statement released by MTI press officer Aleksandr Kovalenko said: 'Now Alantim is already under repair. We hope that engineers of our institute will be able to reestablish all the working functions and the robot will be back to his duties.'

Alantim was driving the Moscow streets, investigating the potential impact of driverless cars, before the attack occurred.

It was collecting data on things such as quality of road surfaces, visibility of road signs and, somewhat ironically, the behaviour of drivers.

The robot is not programmed to act with hostility towards humans but can recognise human aggression and is said to use its reasoning in such situations. It is also able to call the police.

Источник: Daily Mail