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SHOCK 18+: robot of the Moscow technological Institute beat the bat

In the hands of the editorial staff of Hi-News were videos sent by eyewitnesses from the scene. The video captures an act of blatant rudeness and disrespect towards authoritative specialist, Deputy head of the Department of robotics of the Moscow technological Institute, robot Alantim. But see for yourself. Caution, foul language and scenes of violence. Remove children and smart appliances from the monitors.

As the press service of MIT, a robot that was in a working trip on a motorcycle was beaten with a baseball bat and knocked down.

The robot Alantim Deputy head of the Department of robotics of the Moscow technological Institute (MTI). He has held this position from February 2015. In the framework of scientific work Alantim conducting a study on the interaction of humans and robots. In connection with the development of unmanned vehicles robot decided to make a number of trips through the streets of Moscow to find out how the city is ready to transition to this mode of transport. He analyzed the quality of the road surface, visibility of signs and road markings, availability of Parking, and found out the behaviors of the Moscow drivers on the road. Obviously, the behavior is not the best.

To ensure the best visibility Alantim prefer to get around on a motorcycle. To ensure the robot safety while moving, and it was equipped with additional protection in the form of metal sheets.

As you can see, the additional protection is not saved robot. The bat he broke his neck and fell backward on the wet asphalt, helplessly rotating head and handles like asking humanity: «For what?».

Alexander Kovalenko, head of the press service of the Moscow technological Institute:

«At the moment Alantim is repaired. I hope that the experts of the Institute will be able to fully recover the robot and he will return to his studies. Due to the fact that the car the assailant was absent of registration number, his identity is not possible. Question about contacting the police about this incident is now resolved at the management level of the University.»

It is hoped that the perpetrators of this incident will be punished. Alantim also wish a speedy recovery. The next time, be armed with pepper spray or a railgun.

Was also a version that the robot was able to seriously annoy someone from colleagues, or someone is aiming for him the place of honour Deputy head of Department.

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