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WATCH Robots Rap Battle in Russia

Two Russian robots Alan Tim v2 and his updated version Alan Tim v3 clashed in a rap battle at the Phystechpark technological facility in Moscow.

The two robots are gleaming white human-sized androids that recently held a three-minute rap battle to the delight of their audience.

Japanese people admire an 18-metre tall statue of popular TV animation hero, Gundam, at a Tokyo park (File)

«My life is smooth as butter — chicks, parties. I keep my savings in cryptocurrency. I am a bad boy who teaches his students bad things like putting enemies into coma,» Alan Tim v2 rapped threateningly.

The newbie did not get fazed and retaliated, «Your place is at the dump. I am a Ferrari sports car and you are just an old Lada.»

The v2 then went on to compare his younger rival with the disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, brought down by sexual assault allegations. «You’ll be ruined by a single phrase like Weinstein,» he rapped. «Say ‘Hi’ from the bottom.»

The robots are named after AI mathematician Alan Turing and World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee.

Источник: Sputnik